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IFSP 2023... TWENTY YEARS!  Can you believe it?  The friends and acquaintances when we started have become our family and we hold all of them in our thoughts throughout the year.  Thank you all for embracing the "Family" in Indiana Family Star Party!
This year we had some issues with the skies due to the Canadian wild fires (for which our thoughts go to the people and countless animals effected by these massive fires).
While the beginning of the week was a bit disappointing for viewing, the skies cleared for our weekend!
Even with marginal skies sometimes, we have a great time every year!  Want proof?  Just look at the smiles on everyone's face!
If you'd like a full resolution image of this, click here.

Remember - IFSP 2024 will be July 30 to August 4.  We look forward to seeing you there!