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Indiana Family Star Party

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Our volunteers are the best!
While our egos might be tempted to say we do it all, we really get a lot of support from the community and the people who show up.  There were also people who gave their time before, during and after the event to make it better for everyone.  Here are a few candid shots of them doing their work...
Cleaning the bathrooms
In addition to our heart-felt thanks, we provided the volunteers that were available on Thursday evening to a pizza party!
Hoppy (the camp ranger) helps out anywhere and everywhere through out the event.  His tireless dedicate is an inspiration to everyone!
From answering questions to staffing registration, there are volunteers everywhere!
Thank you all for taking some time out of your weekend to help make the event better for everyone!
Registration of participants
During the star party there are many people who make sure the everything runs as smoothly as possible.  They include the people running the registration to the people picking up trash.  They ALL are giving up some of their fun time to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.