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Indiana Family Star Party

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Many different things need to happen to put on the Indiana Family Star Party.  You need:

People to prepare the site by cleaning

Find vendors and door prizes

People to clean during the event

People to monitor registration

Making sure the trash receptors do not overflow

Making sure the bathrooms are keep clean and operational

Finding speakers

Cleanup after the event

The Full list is about 5 pages long of very small type, but you get the idea.  We cannot thank the many volunteers enough for their time and efforts. 

(Anyone wanting to help with that list can contact the webmaster!)
Many door prizes were donated by attendees from stickers for the kids to tickets to the Gallagher Grand Prix, Kentucky Kingdom and even the Verizon 200!  Thank you all for sharing with the rest of us your heart and generosity!
The golf carts that Frankfort Commons provided were lifesavers.  Dashing back and forth throughout the camp takes time that we sometimes don't have.  Additionally, they provided necessary access to some of our guests who could not use our Space Shuttle.
Speaking of door prizes, we would like to have a special call-out for the vendors who donated prizes this year and support our hobby every day of the year.  Their contribution is greatly appreciated!
Additionally, the Astronomical League provided one of their travel mugs!

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