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Our speakers this year did not disappoint.  The sessions were all well attended and received.  A BIG thank you to your sharing your time and knowledge with us this year!
Dr. Milisavljevic showed why he won the Purdue Murphy Award.  His energy, interaction with the people and knowledge captivated, taught and made everyone enjoy his presentation!  Thank you very much!
Anthony Karam came from Boston(!) to tell us what Astrobotic Technology is doing to support the return to the Moon!  Their technology is one of many new technologies being used to support the Peregrine Mission 1.  His presentation showed some of the great things that they are working on in Boston.  Thank you very much for your time putting the presentation together and especially for making the long trip to Indiana.
Dr. Kleinhans gave a fantastic presentation about the do's and don'ts for preparing for a total solar eclipse.  He has previously observed seven eclipses and learned what to do and what not to do.  His presentation was instructive and humorous at the same time.  Thank you very much for taking the time to come and share your experiences, thoughts and humor!