Indiana Family Star Party
Dr. Fritz Kleinhans - Preparing for a Total Solar Eclipse

Dr. Kleinhans is an Emeritus Associate Professor of Physics at IUPUI where he taught physics and astronomy for 40 years.  He earned his Biophysicist degree in his mid '70s'.  At heart, he considers himself a amateur astronomer as he has been observing since the 1950s. These days he mostly does astrophotography, but hankers to get back to more visual observing.

I've been to seven total solar eclipses and it was clear for five of them.  That has given me plenty of opportunity to make mistakes and learn from them.  With this knowledge, I hope to tell you what not to do as well as how to optimally prepare prepare for a total solar eclipse.  There is a wonderful, diverse array of phenomena to observe in a very short period of time.  Advance preparation will win the day!
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