Indiana Family Star Party
July 18-23, 2023
July 18-23, 2023
Muncie Astronomy Club
Indiana Astronomy Society
Wabash Valley Astronomy Society
Amateur astronomers, astronomy enthusiasts, and families from the region will once again gather at Camp Cullom, near Mulberry, IN, for immersion in the hobby and camaraderie of astronomy.  We welcome all of our fellow astronomers to our full event, and the public on Friday, 7/21, and Saturday, 7/22.
Some featured events for 2023 include:
Sky Trekker (for kids)/Sky Trek Adult (for novice adults):  Join us for Friday night fun for the whole family!  Learn some constellations and how to find the “North Star”!  Enjoy looking at some objects through telescopes!  Ice Cream treats and drawings for prizes await those who complete either program!  To celebrate our 20th year, we are giving away a special 5” diameter telescope for Sky Trekker!  This year, all kids who complete the Sky Trekker program (at any level above Junior) will be eligible to win it!  There will be some other prizes as well!  And, this year, beginning level adults who complete the Sky Trek Adult program will be eligible to win a pair of 10 × 50 binoculars!

Sign-up cut off time is 7:45 p.m., Friday, so get here early and don’t delay!  If it’s cloudy, we will play the cloudy night game and prize drawings will still go on, so come on out and start your new hobby! (See: Events/Sky Trekker Program for further details!)

Kids' Corner.  We will have a new informal program on Saturday night.  No prizes, no 'formal' classes or observing, just ask questions and we'll have telescopes if you want to try out your new or improved skills from Friday.

Cloudy Night Campfire.  If we have a cloudy night, we’ll set up a campfire so people can gather to chat, sing songs, or swap stories about “the comet that got away!"  Catch up with old friends or make some new ones around the campfire!  We’ll still have the free movies and popcorn at the Nature Center, starting around 10:00 p.m. or 11:00 p.m.  We've noticed that you, our loyal participants, come for more than observing.  (How else would you explain the people who stuck around for an entire week through all of the rain and clouds?)  Specifically, you're here to catch up with old friends and hopefully gather some new ones.  We'll still have the movies, but we thought this might be a welcome addition.

Note that this is early information and still subject to change.  Check back for updates as we get them!  Please email WVASinfo@gmail.com with your thoughts.
IFSP 2024 is set for July 30 to Aug 4

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