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While some people did their own grilling, some took advantage of the Astro Grill which was run by the wonderful people from Flavors and This n' That from Frankfort.  They provided grilled chicken, ribeye stake sandwiches, and other great food to keep us going for the weekend.  They provided great food at quit reasonable prices.  “Great food” was a comment echoed not only at the tables, but in the comment forms.  We hope that Wayne, Wendy, Tracy, Kim and Austin find the time next year to be able to come back.
Great Red Spot Astro Products joined us this year to provide a selection of new toys.  Jeff and Yvonne supplied scopes, eyepieces, laser pointers, earrings, candles and more things.  Not only did they setup their display for the day to allow everyone to get a close look to examine their wares, but Jeff demonstrated  some of his products at night to show what great products he brought with them.  See their home page for what they have available.  We really look forward to them returning next year!
Al Mittering from Mittering Meteorites joined us again this year and brought a fabulous selection of meteorites to choose from.  Many took advantage of Al’s presence to lighten their wallets in exchange for a great meteor to take home and think about during those overcast Indiana nights.