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We take the Family in Indiana Family Star Party seriously.  For our first few years, we have struggled with coming up with what this meant and while improving slightly every year, we really just ended up with several members acting as baby sitters.  This year was different…
Her program started with a craft program in the afternoon to build a model of Saturn.
The advanced program required that the student complete the beginner level and then be able to find three of five types of deep sky objects:  Nebulas, Globular clusters, open clusters, double stars or galaxies.  Additionally, they had to sketch a solar system object.  Students who participated took home their study guide and a planisphere.  Those who completed the course got a certificate, a pin and a Dilly Bar ice cream bar!
Above is the first class to complete the beginners’ course. 
And here is the first advanced class to complete the course.
While the Friday night classes were small, the Saturday night classes were quite large!  We seem to have struck a cord.
Well done to everyone!  This will certainly help our family grow over time.
Lisa Wieland (seen here receiving an Astronomical League award from Russ Kasper for contribution to Youth Education) spearheaded the new Sky Trekkers program.  This program was more than babysitting the kids and letting them play with water rockets or random crafts.  Her program was built with the help of many people but especially with the help of Jeff Wieland, Marilyn Sameh, Thad Hatchett, Terry Rhoades Patrick Craig, Mike Abell, Micah Larson and others.  This program was a hit with the kids, the parents and the organizers.  We thank her and her helpers for all of their obviously hard work.  It is greatly appreciated by all!