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Indiana GreatCON 2008 Review

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Many people were required to make a star party happen.  While we’ve called out a few people below, there are MANY more people who really made this work…
“Hoppy” Bray – Camp Ranger and all around great guy made sure that the camp was ready for us that weekend, ran the ‘Space Shuttle’, provided the cleanup and maintenance required during the star party.
Jerry Seager, Camp Cullom Board President is shown here preparing to welcome our walk in guests.  He and many of the other board members came out to help us host this event and we thank them.  They provide the support that allows for the construction and maintenance of Prairie Grass Observatory which is owned by the camp.  They come out to meet us and the public that comes out each year to see what a star party is.  During the year thousands of children come out to the camp and enjoy the great facilities.  The board’s careful management of the camp for the children of Clinton County and surrounding areas has allowed us to provide access to nature, both here on Earth as well as in space, for kids of all ages.  Without the board’s great and kind support, not only would this star party not be possible but the lives of the children in Clinton County and North Central Indiana would be greatly diminished.
Our organizing committee which makes sure the jobs get assigned and done before, during and after the gathering is done.  This group works countless hours before, during and after the party to make sure this party can occur.  Additionally, we have to acknowledge our spouses who pitch in to help and lose track of us for weeks at a time as they discuss and prepare.
Our many volunteers that cleaned up and prepared the camp before the party.  During the party, volunteers run registration, provide the maintenance; work with the vendors and speakers to make sure that things keep happening during the party as scheduled.  They work with the weekend and walk-in guests.  Afterwards, they make sure that the camp is restored to the wonderful nature habitat that invites wildlife from blue heron to eagles, from ponds to one of the largest stands of prairie grass in the state of Indiana.  These people put in a lot of work for the party little recognition and only this acknowledgement.  Thank you all.
Our vendors invest their time to come down and made sure to educate as well as sell their wares.  These people share our idea of a family star party as being more than just observing.  The star party is designed to teach kids, young and old, about what is out there and why it is important.  They help us show people that the night sky is something to enjoy for its beauty as well as the science that can be involved.
Last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to everyone who came.  Everyone took the “Family” in the Indiana Family Star Party to be just that.  There was no shortage of friends and family who shared their telescope views, their equipment, their food and their friendship to make this star party work.  We thank everyone who came in helping us keep the family feeling in our little get together.  We look forward to continuing the growth of the Indiana Family Star Party with your help… by careful attention to our core value of sharing astronomy with people of all ages.