Saturn image by John Mahony
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Jupiter image by John Mahony
Photo By John Mahony
Photo By John Mahony
The Moon
The Moon's south pole
This photo shows the Moon's south pole, with the moon about 3/4 full.  Click on the image to zoom in 3X.
Lunar close-up
Lunar close-up
Close-ups of various regions.
Crater Copernicus
The crater Copernicus is about 65 miles across.  The "brushed" appearance around 
the crater is due to material ejected from the crater during the impact that formed it.
Lunar "Straight Wall"
Lunar "Straight Wall"

The images above show the "Stright Wall", a lunar fault line that has shifted to form a 60 mile long, 800 foot high cliff.
The fault line is near the center of the moon's face.  The first image shows it at first quarter, when sunlight is shining from the right, which is the higher side of the cliff, so the cliff casts a shadow which forms a straight black line.  The second (2X close-up) image was taken at third quarter, so the sunlight is shining at the face of the cliff.
CCD images at prime focus (first image), and with a 2X barlow (second image).