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Our speakers this year did not disappoint.  The sessions were all well attended and received.  A BIG thank you to your sharing your time and knowledge with us this year!
Brian Murphy presenting
Brian Murphy gave us a reminder that we do not have to have the telescope in the same house... not even the same hemisphere!  He showed access to a telescope network that we could get access to.
Norm Dingle (no image available as we were unfortunately distracted at the time... Sorry Mr. Dingle) provided some of the background and fascinating details about the James Webb Telescope that had been launched and who's technical check-out images we've all been awed by.
Briony Horgan presenting
Briony Horgan showed a bit of the background as well as some of the research that she and others are doing with the information gathered by the Perseverance rover on Mars.  Her research is into the search for Ancient Life on Mars.