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Sky Trekker is the work of several individuals, but most notably Lisa Wieland.  She worked to bring the program into existance, created the program booklet used by the kids each year and organizes the event each year.  The Sky Trekker program was featured in the March 2009 issue of the Astronomical League's "Reflector" magazine. The originally submitted article is available here.

Kids who complete the program are entered to win a telescope or some other prize!
Lego seems to be quite a hit!
This year we offered space themed Lego products that seemed to be quite the hit!

But that is at the end of the evening.  Before that came...
Learning about the night sky
Learning about the night sky and what might be up there.
Touring the field
Seeing the equipment that some of the people use to observe the heavens.
Learning patience
Learning patience (an essential to astronomy) does not have to be boring when all around you are a few of the many wonders of nature not to mention a glorious sunset!