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John Mahony was honored by those in attendance. John was nominated for and awarded "The Astronomical League Great Lakes Region Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Science of Astronomy and to its Public Outreach". He is the 15th recipient of this award from the Astronomical League Great Lakes Region in the 20 years that the award has been given. The award was presented by Ron Whitehead, Chairman of the Astronomical League's Great Lakes Region. John's contributions include:

His years of selfless outreach at PGO/Camp Cullom operating the scopes for any group wanting to share the night sky.

His hard work at the camp, providing much of the labor to design/adapt and build many of the observatory buildings.

His diligence at maintaining these facilities.

His years of outreach (both pre and post-PGO) at WVAS open house events and trips to area schools.

His skill and hard work at the construction of the WVAS 8" binocular telescope.

His technical presentations to WVAS members.

We are very proud to have John with us and we are inspired by his dedication.