We're looking forward to your joining us again to share and enjoy the night sky.  Come out and join us on one of our scheduled nights out.
Open House Schedule


July 13th and 14th will be the nights open to the public during our regional event, the Indiana Family Star Party, sponsored by the IAS, WVAS, and MAC. There will be a charge for this event. All other events are free.

October 13th is part of Camp Cullom's Chili Supper and stargazing event.
Day Date Time Lunar Phase
Friday March 23 8:00 Crescent 38%
Saturday April 14 8:30 New Moon
Saturday May 12 9:00 No Moon
Saturday June 9 9:30 No Moon
Wed - Sun July 10-14 See below  
Saturday Aug 11 8:30 New Moon
Saturday Sept 15 8:00 Crescent 36%
Saturday Oct 13 8:00 Crescent 21%
Saturday Nov 3 7:00 No Moon
All times are Eastern Daylight Time.
Photo By John Mahony
Photo By John Mahony