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Indiana Family Star Party
Indiana GreatCON 2019 Review

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Indiana Astronomical Society
Muncie Astronomy Club
Wabash Valley Astronomical Society
Another well attended year for IFSP!
Astronomy is easy to enjoy in a fun environment.
Good attendance... Good neighbors... About to have a GREAT night!
Really... Do I need to say anything else???
Can it get better than ice cream cake?   Why YES!  After dusk the stars come out!
Door prizes are always welcome at any star party.  Thank you to everyone who contributed!
Wouldn't ice cream cake make you happy too?
A young couple that enjoy astronomy.  Their enjoyment hopefully will rub off on their children.
A great brunch to start a great weekend!
With this being the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing.  Lisa and Dee made a Moon cake!
We provided two sheets of ice cream cake to help people survive the Indiana heat and humidity.
The Astronomy Channel is a welcoming sight.
Lonnie Puterbaugh  arranges things for the evenings live images from the telescopes next to his van as well as custom video clips featuring NASA images and a great sound track.
Sometimes you really just want to sit back and talk with friends you've missed for far too long.