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A final aspect of most star parties (and ours is no exception) is door prizes...
We would like to thank the vendors and many others who provided donations to the star party that really made this year such a success.  Without them, we would never be able to put on such a great event.

First, we must remember the many people who volunteer their time before, during and after the star party.  Without them, this weekend could not happen.

Dairy Queen of Frankfort -  They provided the Dilly bars and for the Sky Trekker program and the Ice Cream Cake.

Deer Creek Golf - Provided golf carts for us to use to get around and get things done.

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'Hoppy' Bray

Ron Whitehead

Lisa Wieland

Dr. Ron Kaitchuck

George Wyncott

Dan Albaugh

Dr. Caty Pilachowski

In addition to these many great people, we would also like to say thank you to the fine people who provided door prizes for this year's event:
Shine 99 is providing a pair of tickets to Beef and Boards!  This great prize makes for a fine dinner and an amusing production after dinner.
TeleVue is providing one of their fabulous 20mm Plossl 1.25" eyepieces!
Sky and Telescope has donated their Binocular Highlights book as well as their Pocket Atlas Jumbo Edition.
Explore Scientific donated a 100 degree 5.5 mm eyepiece!
Celestron has donated a pair of Sky Master 15x70 binoculars!
Woodland Hills Telescope provided several gift certificates.  One for $50 and two $25 gift certificates to choose any of their fine products that they sell.
Oberwerk and IFSP provided a pair of 10x50 Ultra binoculars.
Did you enjoy the photos here?  Several people shared their photos and allowed us to post them here.  These people include:  Ed Harfmann, Kelly Sprinkle and George Wyncott.  Thank you for sharing.  (If you want to know who contributed which image, please feel free to email us and we'll let you know and put you in contact with them!)
Yes, you read that list correctly, we had a lot of sponsers provide a great selection of door prizes this year that really helped.  We really do use this event as a fund raiser to help keep the observatory running and this great selection really helped people find items of interest and therefore money for the observatory.
I'll also say again that without the support of the others, we would have had to spend some of that money on items to put on the event and therefore their contribution cannot be understated.
Thank you ALL!