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Indiana Family Star Party
Indiana GreatCON 2015 Review

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As usual, our speakers taught, engaged and were a great hit with everyone!  We can not thank them enough for their time and efforts!
Indiana Family Star Party 2015
Ron Whitehead joined us again this year to bend our brains and make us laugh with his AstroQuiz. Some real stumpers and some great joke images to go with the quiz.
Dr. Ellis joined us again from the NASA Glenn Research Center this year and what a presentation about New Horizons he gave. Just 4 DAYS after New Horizons went past Pluto, he shared not only the information about the craft and how it got there, but also the latest images!
Erica Gonzales joined us this year to present "Tilted Worlds: Some Exoplanets Have the Strangest Orbits". This presentation included research done by herself under Dr. Justin Crepp about how the orbits are determined (pro vs. retro grade) and other information that showed how much a simple light curve can tell you when you ask the right questions.
Indiana Family Star Party 2015
Dr. Dale Partin joined us to discuss "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" or SETI. His presentation surveyed the possibilities of life in the Solar System in addition to exoplanet search for some sign of life. He covered the current thinking of how to search for extra-terrestrial life and likelihood of detecting life using our current technologies.