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Indiana GreatCON 2012 Review

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Another great group of speakers joined us this year. They included...
Friday night started out with a round table discussion where Andy Schilling and Terry Rhoades chaired the discussion about their favorite astronomy app for smart phones.
Ron Whitehead, chairman of the Great Lakes region of the Astronomical League and executive secretary of the Astronomical League, gave the Astronomical League Astro-Quiz and coordinated the GreatCon activities this year. Thanks for all of your efforts and especially for your quiz!
Dr. David Minton from Purdue provided some insight into the heavy early bombardment of our Solar System.
Dr. Ephraim Fischbach of Purdue University: "Can We Predict Solar Storms" provided the latest research on on predicting solar storms by using the decay of radioactive material here on Earth.
Dr. Mathew Lister, Associate Professor of Physics at Purdue University gave an interesting presentation about exploring the Universe in Gamma-rays.
We thank each of these wonderful people for taking the time out of their schedules to come around to present to us.