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Indiana GreatCON 2009 Review

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This year brought another great series of speakers that were enjoyed by all. They included...
Ron Whitehead, chairman of the Great Lakes region of the Astronomical League, gave the Astronomical League Astro-Quiz, coordinated the GreatCon activities this year and gave a captivating discussion of how meteorites tell stories about how the solar system formed. Thanks for all of your efforts and especially for your presentation!
Matthew Lister, Associate Professor in the Department of Physics at Purdue University, provided us with an interesting summary of Radio Astronomy and how he has used their results in his studies of Astrophysical Jets Associated with Supermassive Black Holes.
Chad Evans, Chief Meteorologist at our own local TV-18, bravely came out to talk to a group of amateur astronomers. We gave him a very warm reception and he proceeded to explain how the topology of North America effects climate in Indiana which effects the seeing and viewing. He gave details about when the best and worst seeing is available and why.
Marvin Kemple, IUPUI physics professor, spoke on "The Physics of Star Trek." This entertaining presentation gave both credit and poked fun at the writers of Star Trek. Using clips from the show and movies, he provided a wonderful hour of fun and wonder. If you get the chance to see him give this presentation elsewhere, SEE IT!
We thank each of these wonderful people for taking the time out of their schedules to come around to present to us.