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Catherine "Caty" Pilachowski, chairman of IU's astronomy department, gave a captivating talk about the "What's brewing in the Teapot: the Core of our Galaxy". This was the first time that we have had a presentation on Friday evening and we are proud have have Caty come up to PGO to kick off Friday evening for us. We were glad that she was able to regain her nightvision after her close encounter with the sun! (Sunny is the promotional mascot for radio station Shine 99.)
Ron Whitehead, chairman of the Great Lakes region of the Astronomical League, gave the Astronomical League Astro-Quiz and coordinated the GreatCon activities this year. The quiz was taken by many and enjoyed by all. Thanks for the brain twisters Ron!
Doug Sanqunetti gave a talk about "Getting Started in Astro Imaging". This provided some great insight into the options and possiblities available.
Terry Mann, president of the Astronomical League, joined our star party and discussed how the Astronomical League helps the astronomy community and how it is evolving in new and interesting ways. Many were surprised by some of the new programs being offered. We definately need to read the Reflector AND watch the web site.
Ron Kaitchuck, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Ball State University gave a presentation about the history and current research into "Cosmic Rays from Deep Space". He provided a good review of Cosmic Ray reseach and reported some of the latest findings.
Mike Lockwood, president of the Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society, gave a very interesting discussion of his experiences in making a large mirror. His experiences were both amazing and frightening at the same time.