Indiana Family Star Party
Dr. Ali Bramson - Ice on Mars:  Where it is, How it is and Why it Matters

Abstract: Although Mars is currently a dry, dusty planet, Mars does have abundant water -- in solid form, as ice. Mars has extensive polar ice caps approximately the size of Greenland, as well as ancient glaciers and buried ice at sites closer to the equator. Like ice cores on Earth, this Martian ice can provide a record of the climate on Mars today and in the past. The ice may also be used one day to enable human exploration of the Red Planet. I will discuss the state of knowledge of Martian ice and put it in the context of how it enables us to learn about planetary climate systems and shape the future of human exploration in our Solar System.

Dr. Bramson is an assistant professor at Purdue University studying the geomorphology of other planets.  Receiver of multiple honors (including the "Forward Under 40" award from the Wisconsin Alumni Association - 2019), we are honored to have her present to us this year.
Bruce Bowman - So You Wanna Be An (Amateur) Astronomer

This presentation will consist of a fairly complete and often whimsical overview of factors that interfere with the observing goals of a typical amateur astronomer living in Indiana. Celestial and terrestrial circumstances, physical and equipment shortcomings, weather and social conflicts will all be cussed and discussed.

Bruce is the Indiana Astronomical Society's webmaster and newsletter editor. In 2020 he won 1st place for the Astronomical League's Mabel Sterns award for the best astronomical society newsletter editor.
Dr. Dan Milisavljevic  - Cosmic Bomb Squad Investigation

Dr. Milisavljevic is an assistant professor of Physics and Astronomy at Purdue University.  Among his research interests are massive star mass loss, explosion mechanisms, progenitor stars, compact object remnants, and environmental impacts of supernovae.  Hes also interested in incorporating citizen scientists into research work.
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