Indiana Family Star Party

July 6-11, 2021 at
Camp Cullom
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The Indiana Family Star Party for 2021 is on!
We are happy to announce IFSP 2021 will be held this year.  That said, we have limited information at this point:

Unfortunately, we will NOT have any nights open for the general public.  Only full-event registrants may attend.  We very much want the children in the region to enjoy our star party and see the stars.  However, as we do not yet know definitively just how communicable the COVID-19 virus is by sharing telescope eyepieces, we are erring on the side of caution.  Our hope is that by next year COVID-19 vaccines will have been administered to all attendees and we can safely share the night sky again with everyone.  We apologize to the local public and especially to the children.  We look forward to a normal event next year and seeing everyone, including kids of any age.

We will NOT have single-day registration for the same reason.

Masks will be required for anyone in the Nature Center (and restrooms).  This will be strictly enforced everywhere in the building.  No exceptions.  The facilities are sanitized each day.

We will not have speakers.  Our guess is that most registrants will be vaccinated... but not all.  We are not confident that we can have a speaker and CDC-recommended social distancing for all attendees inside the Nature Center.

We plan to have the Ice Cream Social as usual.

We currently expect that the traditional Friday morning brunch will happen, but we are still working out the details.