Indiana Family Star Party
While our egos might be tempted to say we do it all, we really get a lot of support from the community and the people who show up.  We'd like to draw your attention to some of those that have contributed in advance to make this happen.  Each of the logos is a link to their appropriate web site.  Please take a moment to recognise our contributors so they know that they are appreciated and continue to support us and other groups.
We would never be able to start this star party without the support of the Board of Camp Cullom and of course, Hoppy!  They help with camp preparation as well as helping to get materials ready for the event.

When it's time to hold IFSP, they donate their time to assist in running the Space Shuttle as well as running the admission gate and many other tasks to make your star party the best that it can be.

We cannot thank them enough for their assistance.
Shine 99 provides promotional support as well as many other donations and resources.  Their support makes our lives a lot easier.
C&R Catering supplies our fabulous Friday morning brunch.  They are taking time out of their peak season to provide us with our brunch.
Oberwerk has supported IFSP for a number of years and provides great optical products.  This year they are donating a pair of 11x56 Light Weight binoculars.  These binoculars would be a great addition to any astronomers collection!
Wanting to provide for social distancing and still offer our traditional Friday morning brunch was a problem.  The Nature Center is just not big enough for that.  The Lodge is big enough but it is not cooled, so what to do?  Spot Coolers are renting a cooling system for us to test out!
If it were not for Jones Electric, the AC coolers from Spot Coolers would be just big paper weights.  Jones Electric installed the needed wiring.  We thank them for their help and expertise!
VFW Post 1110 in Frankfort, IN donates funds to allow us to show our appreciation to our volunteers with a free meal.  They have provided constant support of both the star party as well as the camp for years.

Thank you very much for your help at showing our appreciation to the people who put this event on.
Wayne Eldridge & the Astro Grill
Where would we be without the long hours put in by the people for the Astro Grill?  Very HUNGRY is my guess!  They do not have a web presence so we cannot give a link to these fine, hard working people.
IFSP has donated a Westinghouse iGen160s.  This 155 Watt-Hour generator can be charged in several ways and provides three 12 Volt outputs... Great for any astronomer!
IFSP has gotten a nice set of Solar System Erasers.  This novelty should be a lot of fun for someone!
IFSP found another useful addition... a combination binocular mount AND a red dot or other similar finder!  This is the Farpoint FAR-Sight binocular mount  FP100.
Ever want to observe the Moon but it's just too bright?  IFSP is providing a 2" SV128 Variable Polarizing filter for viewing the Moon and Planets so you can go searching for all those lunar features more comfortably.
Ed and George are donating three Sky Quality Meters.  Ed wired these himself and calibrated them to a professional Sky Quality Meter.
Dan Malone is donating THREE 2" Orion Q70 eyepieces as door prizes.  He has donated a 26, 32 and 38mm eyepieces.  Got a scope that takes a 2" eyepiece?  If so, give these a look as an upgrade to the eyepieces you already have!
Oberwerk is providing a pair of 11x56 Light Weight binoculars.  These binoculars would be a great addition to any astronomers collection!
Shine 99 is donating TWO family packs (of four tickets) to Indiana Beach!  Take the family to Indiana Beach for a great day!
Ed saw this great project online to modify tea-lights for astronomy usage.  Put these around your telescope legs before your toes find the legs!  A few will be door-prizes.  The rest are for sale for a modest price.